I'm a ZWiki newbie and enthusiast. I've a fair amount of experience with ZWiki in Plone, but I'm new to running it in Zope, which I do for personal content management. It is exactly what I've been looking for. I have 3 Plone web sites (and use ZWiki significantly there), having previously fostered several professional sites using HTML/CSS only. I love Plone, and am diving into Python with delight. However, it seems like everybody knows more than I do. I'm grateful for the help I get from other on Python, Plone, Zope, and at time ZWiki, without which I'd be making rather slow progress. Thanks to you all.

Professionally, I'm a private practice psychotherapist, working in Bellingham, Washington (state), USA. That's about 1.3 hours north of Seattle, Washington. Coastal, rainy, cool, lush, and paradise when the sun shines (which is rare). Don't come here - you won't like it. :)

Tom Cloyd [2005-08-03]