General tracker tips:

Some examples and things to be aware of when searching ZwikiIssueTracker may need updating since our switch to TextIndexNG2? :

 - the last 30 modified issues are displayed by default. 

 - leave the search field blank to list all issues

 - click the status or category numbers at top to list all corresponding issues

 - the tracker search field searches both titles and details
 of all issues. For a more precise search, use FilterIssues.
 These searches use ZCatalog syntax (unlike JumpSearch). 

 - 'first second third' (find issues with any of these words)

 - 'first and second and not third'

 - 'fir*' does what you'd expect (wildcard word ending)

 - '*middlewildcard*' and so does this!

 - click column headings to sort your search results 
  (reverse order not supported yet)