This page is for writing translations of Zwiki pages, especially the standard default pages, and collecting links to translated content in other PeopleUsingZwiki. We also need to figure out how to store, present and link to these. Please jump in and help if you can. See also i18n, TranslatedSkins?.

Pages to be translated include:

Here are the current DefaultWikiTemplates (the ones in content/basic/).

The product should (?) come with translations for these on the filesystem (where ? content/xx/basic ?) and use the appropriate set based on the server's locale.

These pages are ready to be translated, please go ahead. They will

continue to change, but there isn't too much content there.

DefaultWikiTemplates shows some DTML-based pages. These are not installed by

default, but they are the basis for the corresponding skin forms. These contain code that changes a lot so maintaining multiple copies isn't practical. I think the DTML code needs to be internationalised as described by the LocalizerProduct? docs. Then a single copy of these will work for all languages.

To start with, we should try to get as many translations of FrontPage,

ZwikiInANutshell and HelpPage as possible. Just link them on those pages like AideZwiki. WikiCleanup identifies other key pages.

Later we should figure out how to link these, how to name them, and where

to put them in the hierarchy, or whether to keep them in sub/sister/remote wiki. Check what WikiPedia is doing.


I'm listing these in the order that the first translations appeared (I think)


in 2001 by AlV. See and (with spanish page names).

Some of this may be useful as it is - can someone figure out which ? The rest should be a great starting point for translating today's pages and page templates.