Discussion of how to ease Zwiki installation/configuration/modification.

Inspiration: Stumbling when trying to change the header icon. Agitation: Simple issues to developers are not so for administrators, power-users, and regular joe's. (Just try to find good documentation (other than the z2.py docstring!) on how to change zope's port from 8080.)

Potential Issues:

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/09/30 21:39 GMT (via web):
This is a page for me! I am at the beginning of customization and need help. And i want to contribute to the source. - I hope i can find a way to realise my many visionary ideas! :-) Thanks for starting, Dean. - FlorianKonnertz

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/10/03 21:31 GMT (via web):
I see two primary rollouts for ZWiki: Public, and Intranet.

On intranet mode, the extended SearchPage? features would not show up.

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/10/20 20:51 GMT (via web):
Just came across notes about colouring link text.

CSS seems to be a solution for many of these, the next step would be user-selectable style sheets, followed by user customizable/overridable.

Certain items are NOT CSS appropriate, such as page icon, with heading default, external edit availability, page heirarchy & back-link displays..

JohnGreenaway, 2002/10/20 21:41 GMT (via web):
We've used CSS a lot. With a header something like this:
 <style type="text/css">
 @import url("/themes/default/main.css");
 @import url("/themes/default/print.css") print;
 @import url("<dtml-var theme missing="/themes/default/custom.css">");

you have control over

You can then change the links and a whole lot more..,

You need to do some changes to the page templates though to get the full benefits - i.e. adding div classes and removing any deprecated HTML like font tags.