UseModWiki is a Perl-based wiki that is highly portable (runs under UNIX or Win32 with either Apache or IIS) and is very easy to set up. All the code is in one file, with the commented configuration variables at the top.

See UseModWiki:RecentChanges to try it out, and for documentation (minimal) and announcements of new versions.

See MeatballWiki:RecentChanges for a more active example of the UseModWiki code.

Comparison of ZWiki with UseModWiki (moved from DebianWiki? which used to run on ZWiki):

My favourite wiki sw written in Perl --DavidAndel

I am just beginning what comes to my mind and will continue later. --DavidAndel

Cool...I'll intersperse my comments in italics. --MichaelIvey

and mine are red :) --SimonMichael

What makes UseMod? better than ZWiki IMHO:

the page is the preview. It's supposed to be easy to edit.. this site has a problem fixed in more recent zwiki/zwikidotorg template, where you get an edit conflict with yourself if you backtrack. Upgrade recommended.

More recent zwiki/zwikidotorg template improve this a bit. Eg click the timestamps at

Agreed. The zope undo history is something we got for free, but zwiki doesn't yet have really nice edit history support.

Consider leaving it editable like the others.. ? I think it's confusing when some pages are and some aren't. If not, current zwikidotorg template will at least hide the edit link as a cue.

Two other things:

they probably got created from a htmldtml page (RecentChanges?, SearchPage? ?) and therefore inherited that type. Restore to structuredtext in the ZMI since the option is not shown to users. Set a standard_page_type string property on the folder to structuredtext or whatever to force the type of new pages.

You can use UseMod? for external links.

No advocacy intended, but help available if you need it - I'm sm on #zope. Lots of performance and functionality boosts available from zwiki in cvs. Cf & for details.

This page was once one of the trouble-spots of ZWiki (problems with the remote URLs?), but the problems have been fixed (we hope).


... -- 2003/08/03 14:35 GMT reply
this page looks ugly with all the interspersed HTML tags which seem to should have been rendered... what's up?

... --JohnDeBruyn, 2003/08/03 15:22 GMT reply
Fixed, the uglies are gone with the page now set to "Structured Text + DTML" as its page type. J

나니 -- Wed, 24 Sep 2003 08:55:42 -0700 reply