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Zwiki 0.40 released, news for 2005/03 --Simon Michael, Fri, 01 Apr 2005 14:46:31 -0800 reply

What is it Zwiki is a Zope product for building wikis - a special kind of website that's easy for anyone to edit. See for more.

What's changed Bugfixes, new japanese translation, chinese translation updates, new search option. See release notes below.

Zwiki news this month We have been quiet but not idle. Bill Page and Martijn Pieters contributed fixes, T.C. Chou updated the chinese translations and Masaya Kato and a team of fellow translators contributed a japanese translation. made a donation, again, in support of Zwiki development and hosting. Thank you!

Bug reporting rate has been low and steady; bug closing rate has been low. The next Zwiki Bug Day is.. today! april 1st being the first friday of the month. I wasn't ready but it's going on anyway as scheduled, help at <> and #zwiki if you can.

In the documentation department I am doing a little work on <> each day.

Discussion on the list, GeneralDiscussion page and irc channel has been light. We've had a few incidents of wiki spam this month, both intentional and otherwise. I switched to mail out all edits, to make this more visible; we list subscribers are adapting to the increased level of traffic and have discussed how to batch related edits into fewer mails.

This month I resolved to focus on QA for 2005:

/"Alright.. this may be difficult, but (deep breath): I resolve not to work on new Zwiki features in 2005. I may well accept them from others, but I won't do them myself. This is to focus (my) energy on refactoring, cleanup, polish, docs, and fixing "broken windows". More: /

  • /in case that was unclear, this is not Zwiki winding down; it's a quality push for 1.0. Feature work from others is welcome as ever./
  • /tasks that are funded in some way will almost always jump to the head of the queue and become priority no. 1, as before."/

See for more.

*Zopewiki news *Edits on have been light; small ongoing improvements from a small number of people. Someone has started a .

Server news The server basically ran all month without exceeding the 200M memory quota or restarting and performance has been reasonable. Those wikis currently have 2164 and 464 pages respectively.

About the Zwiki project Zwiki was started in 1999 by Simon Michael and now receives improvements from many contributors. It is released under the GNU GPL. A new version is released on the first of the month.

Links - Zwiki home, with all download, documentation & discussion links - how to donate or sponsor a feature

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*Release notes*

Zwiki 0.40.0 2005/04/01


Bugfixes, new japanese translation, chinese translation updates, new search option.

Upgrade notes

This fixes a high-profile known issue in 0.39, #1062. If you didn't already find the issue page and workaround, upgrade to this version to fix it.



  • add a "thorough" non-catalog search to search form, commented

out (for spam hunting)


  • fix the keys attribute error when creating pages in plone (#1062)
  • deleting a top-level page redirects to the front page again; new

upUrl method (#917, Martijn Pieters, SM)

Issue tracking

  • no bogus property change. Some very aggressive search engines

(spiders) seem to be following form action="xxxx" references in pages as well as the usual href links. As a result probes by such greedy theives can cause unexpected changes to wiki web pages. One such example recently has been the triggering of the Change button on the Issue pages. The script changeIssueProperties should be more careful not to record any change if the Change action is triggered with no actually changes. (Bill Page)

General - i18n

  • new japanese translation (Masaya Kato, Manabu Terada, Yoshiki

Shibukawa, Takayuki Shimizukawa, Junya Ogino, Takanori Suzuki)

  • chinese translation updates (T.C. Chou)
  • updated all po files from latest pot

General - skins

  • the site_logo folder property didn't work in plone

Zwiki Plone Product categorization --DeanG, Thu, 21 Apr 2005 07:05:25 -0700 reply

Where does Zwiki fit here?

Zwiki Plone Product categorization --Simon Michael, Thu, 21 Apr 2005 15:09:19 -0700 reply

"documentation management", I suppose.

anti-spam measure, doc cleanups --Simon Michael, Sun, 24 Apr 2005 21:46:41 -0700 reply

Hi all,

I have installed an experimental anti-spam feature on for testing:

no_anonymous_links (boolean) --
prevents edits which add http://... links by anonymous users (no login name or username cookie).

So if you have a username configured in user options, you won't be affected. Someone who comes to the site and tries to add a url (even just one) without first configuring a username, will get an error. The error stops short of telling them to configure a username, it just says to contact the site administrator. So this may be inconvenient for some, but with the recent frequency of spam I feel something must be done.

Also, if you don't monitor the zwiki list: I gave the front page another overhaul, simplified the docs links and got rid of all the old "Chapter XX" in page names. I never liked them much.

test --Simon Michael, Tue, 26 Apr 2005 00:08:46 -0700 reply

reply via zwiki-edits

test --Simon Michael, Tue, 26 Apr 2005 00:09:04 -0700 reply

reply via zwiki

Re: zwiki list changes --Simon Michael, Tue, 26 Apr 2005 00:23:11 -0700 reply

Simon Michael wrote:

> Sorry about the tests. A heads-up for GeneralDiscussion subscribers: > I have implemented > > and it's mostly working. Earlier I wrote: > > > I want to keep the edit mailouts, which are helping to catch spam > quickly, but they overwhelm discussion. After chatting with Bob I am > thinking about: > > * setting up a new zwiki-edits list. I and anyone else interested in > monitoring wiki activity would subscribe there. > * subscribing the zwiki list to the GeneralDiscussion > <> page instead of the whole wiki. > This would merge the "tech" and "newbie" discussion groups back > together. The signal to noise ratio should be much higher. > However, zwiki list subscribers would no longer see comments from > all pages; you'd have to subscribe to or browse zwiki-edits for > that. > > > I'd like to hear any thoughts about this. > > > Also a tip: remember that you can unsubscribe and read the list via > gmane; it may make the bursty traffic more manageable. > > >

about the new list setup --Simon Michael, Wed, 27 Apr 2005 08:16:34 -0700 reply

Oh. My. God. Fourth attempt. Sorry. :) [1]?

Hi all. This is a re-announcement of the recent list changes, with clean formatting.

A new mail list/newsgroup has been created to carry the traffic from edits: zwiki-edits. And, the zwiki list is now subscribed only to the GeneralDiscussion page, instead of the whole wiki. Your subscriptions are unchanged.

So we should now see much less junk on the zwiki list/GeneralDiscussion page - just actual discussion, plus any edits that may happen to that page, which is rare. (Archiving the page is an edit that might need special handling).

zwiki list subscribers will no longer see the traffic from other parts of the wiki. I encourage those of you who want to keep track of the whole wiki, or are willing to help keep it spam free, who don't mind occasional large bursts of mail, to subscribe to zwiki-edits, or, visit the gmane.comp.web.zope.zwiki.edits newsgroup. If we have a number of people watching, we can continue to remove spam very quickly as we have been doing the last couple of weeks. I might use this list for things like darcs commit messages as well.

This brings techie and newbie discussion back together again, and I hope it will be more useful. See the Discussion box on for the various links, and point out anything which should be clearer. If you want to know exactly how things should be working, click to AboutZwikiDiscussion -> OldZwikiDotOrgDiscussionTests.

If you have further ideas, let us hear 'em.

[1]?.. One thing that catches me out is that the zwiki list still allows off-wiki discussion, which means you need to remember to include [GeneralDiscussion] in the subject if you want to cc that page. I'm not sure if that's best.

about the new list setup --Wed, 27 Apr 2005 09:19:17 -0700 reply

I'm sure I could figure it out if I stopped and read (not skimmed), but between the AboutZwikiDiscussion , OldZwikiDotOrgDiscussionTests, and Subscribe page I can't see HOW to subscribe to zwiki-edits...

about the new list setup --Simon Michael, Wed, 27 Apr 2005 12:20:15 -0700 reply

It's on FrontPage, at the bottom. See it now ?

I'd like to put the exact addresses, but I am reluctant to let them be harvested and attract more spam than necessary.

please exercise the latest code --Simon Michael, Wed, 27 Apr 2005 15:37:00 -0700 reply

Heads up: we are approaching that time of month again, so if you can afford to pull the latest darcs code and QA the latest patches, or at least run it on your servers and report any unexpected breakage, that will help make the next release stable.

I would point you to the darcs changes url, but the darcs cgi script chokes on an international character in the change log right now. Current output of darcs changes is below for your convenience.


Mon Apr 25 19:44:45 PDT 2005
  • spanish updates (Gaspar Quiles)
Wed Apr 27 13:50:18 PDT 2005
  • different description for comments / all edits email subscription
Wed Apr 27 04:11:14 PDT 2005
  • AnonymousUserSubscriptionInPlone?

fixes #878 anonymous subscription in cmf/plone subscribes "Anonymous User"

Tue Apr 26 13:02:57 PDT 2005
  • subscribeform_remove-unneccessary-span-tags
Tue Apr 26 12:18:22 PDT 2005
  • mark_PREVIEW_as_translatable
Sat Apr 23 07:12:55 PDT 2005
  • br_for_subscribed_pages_list_on_subscribeform

If one is subscribed to several pages, theses pages are on the same line, which looks confusing. Now it is done as with the page_subscribers list on the very same subscribeform, ie an "<br />" is inserted between each page name.

Mon Apr 25 16:14:56 PDT 2005
  • refactor for spam-checking edits, and deny unauthenticated edits

containing http:// if there is a true no_anonymous_links property

Mon Apr 4 17:06:05 PDT 2005
  • add src link to thorough search, for finding old spam

Edubuntu wiki --DeanG, Thu, 28 Apr 2005 06:44:28 -0700 reply

test status --simon, Sat, 30 Apr 2005 08:13:10 -0700 reply

TestResults?: The unit test results for the Zwiki code on this server, updated every half hour.

doc updates --simon, Sat, 30 Apr 2005 16:51:34 -0700 reply

installing and related docs have had a major cleanup.