Welcome to Zwiki User's Guide. In this guide we show you how to use a website that runs the Zwiki software. We'll assume you are comfortable using computers and websites.

Or, for a one-page introduction, see HelpPage. But it's in need of an update.

What is a wiki, and why use one ?

A wiki is a special kind of website that's easy for anyone to edit. Wikis emphasise simplicity, speed, and cooperation. http://c2.com/cgi/wiki is the first wiki. http://wikipedia.org is the largest and best known. Wikis have become an essential tool for individuals, businesses and collaborating communities.

Here are some more things you'll see mentioned around here:

Zwiki is a particular software program for building wiki sites. "A zwiki" means a wiki site running the Zwiki software. You're using one right now.

Plone is another program, for building sites with many member and content management features. Some people use Zwiki inside a Plone site, which gives it a different appearance.

Zope is a software framework for building dynamic websites; both Zwiki and Plone are built on top of Zope.

You don't need to learn Plone or Zope to use Zwiki. All of these programs are free or open-source software.

What's ahead

We'll discuss how to navigate and search a zwiki site, how to make changes, and a number of interesting features such as page hierarchy and mail subscription. The format of these pages will be: essentials, then details, then questions and answers.

We'll use this wiki to practice on as you read through this guide. Later you'll learn how to install a wiki on your own server, if you need one, in the AdministratorsGuide.

Now, let's find out how to use a zwiki. Move on to browsing.