Hi Simon, another one to render in plaintext. Thanks again!

Hmm, I forget why I was disallowing page type changes.. well it's permitted now --SM

Subject: Re: Zope indirect calling of methods with parameters From: Casey Duncan <cduncan@kaivo.com> Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 09:23:53 -0700

_[name]? does a name lookup as you have found. You cannot pass parameters directly through _[name]? though. If you wanted to pass some parameters to an arbitrary method you could do:

< dtml-var expr="_.getitem(method)(params)">

If you wanted the parameter list to be variable as well, you could try passing a dictionary like so:

< dtml-let params="{'arg1':value1, 'arg2':value2, ...}">
< dtml-var expr="_.getitem(method)(kw=params)">

< /dtml-let>

The params dictionary could be set anywhere before the actual call or even passed whole as a parameter to the calling method.

This didn't work out of the box for me! More suggestions welcome! -- bwo