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  1. DinuGherman -- It was about time for a Zope Wiki clone! Very cool indeed!
  2. Michel Pelletier
  3. TimVoght
  4. PhilHarris?
  5. MartijnFaassen
  6. TonyMcDonald - very neat!, I got an attribute error trying to create me though :(
    can you say more? seems to work for [me]?
  7. EricEldred -- see IsThisWiki?
  8. Graham Chiu - tres cool!
  9. Tim Cook -- since tool
  10. Juerg Schulthess -- neat add-on
  11. Alexandre Ratti -- good job Simon!
  12. TresSeaver -- very close to the original WikiNature? (and MUCH faster, but YMMV).
    Yay! Of course it's serving far fewer pages and users than WikiWikiWeb. I find lately the slowness there prevents me from editing unless it's a real emergency. *
    (WikiWikiWeb seems much faster lately, I'm happy to say)*
  13. Jacob testar och pillar i raden ovan....
  14. Hey, something new to work on.
  15. JimFlanagan -- An excellent convergence of ideas!
  16. MartijnPieters -- This is one of those things why Zope will be the Web App server.
  17. MarkInterrante -- Wiki = cool; Zope=cool; Wiki+Zope=ZWIKI=TooCool?
  18. DavidAscher -- Very nice. Major request from my point of view:
    • make StructuredText input ok, as already noted
    • allow a user login to a Wiki, so that one can just see the changes since last login
  19. Tue Wennerberg - Nice idea!
  20. Rik Hoekstra -- I like it. This is instant discussion without all the hassle. Seeing the lenth of this page already, a reverse option and/or a changes since last login would be very nice
  21. GabeWachob - Wow!! My two favorite tools on the web are Zope and WikiWiki -- now I can have both in the same package.. Awesome!!!
  22. FrankCarver - I like the ideas behind Zope, although some of the implementation choices seem odd. It certainly seems a good basis for a Wiki though. Keep up the good work.
  23. Dan O -- Wiki this! Hi! :)
  24. Meng Kuan -- This is fun!
  25. Alvin Lim -- Whooooooa!
  26. ChrisEsther - wah wah wiki!!!!
  27. BenDarnell
  28. LucasGonzalez -- I'd like to be able to download outlines to think offline (with an outliner), then update. It would be add only, possibly; though different cothinking scenarios can be thought of. *me too --SM* how can it be done? -- I'd also like to have different background colors for different "thinking moods", the way 6 thinking hats are used: white for information, red for feelings, green for creativity ...
  29. DavidBrown -- should have added this earlier. Great site!
  30. CliffordAdams
  31. AndreasKapp
  32. DamianSoto -- Zope does some fabulous WikiWiki twirls.
  33. sbraun
  34. WaltLudwick -- i've been waiting for something like this. could this be it? tbc...
  35. JeffWaltzer -- This is great, much like the old Citadel style BBS.
  36. Bob Erb -- wouldn't a ZWiki full of documentation be good for newbies? *
    very much so, wiki is a documentin' machine*
  37. JimFulton -- This looks cool. I have a few suggestions.
  38. GrahamChiu? -- I would like to keep the plain text option which I use for posting source code to my zwiki site. Can that be resurfaced? *
    just change your editform, eg see editform_multiformat
    PS add a note to PeopleUsingZwiki if you like.. I'm interested in how others use it*
    Graham - What's the easiest way to upgrade an existing site from .3 to .4? *
    make a backup for safety, unpack zwiki-0.4, bash on! You might need to update the page_types in your editform too*
  39. KenManheimer -- DigitalCreationsLovesZWiki! Yay!
  40. Testing from UMN
  41. IanJCottee -- Hi from Japan, just going to add my own Wiki to my own Zope site
  42. AndrewCohen Very Nice! Looks very useful. The combination with Zope is powerfull
  43. OlivierBerger Hey looks cool ! ... But is it so cool to installs/administer ?
  44. LantzRowland
  45. PavlosChristoforou -- Hey this is cool!
  46. ScottMeilicke - Thank you so much. I've been looking to implement an Intranet at work, but haven't due to the web infrastructure required. Zope + zWiki make this easy-peasy.
  47. JamesChan - Good stuff. We're actually considering using ZWiki in an upcoming venture.
  48. HowardHansen. Very cool. Looking forward to using this at work!
  49. Hello from your bro in Dublin, slow day at work and enjoying myself just messin' around . . Jas Hi Jas!
  50. DavidVydra - - again!
  51. tav - i have played around with many wikis, and i must say that the zwiki rocks my boat!
  52. [deltab]? -- since tav is my boss, I could well be installing a ZWiki soon - and I'm looking forward to it :-)
  53. RonDagostino - I have found the ability to delete pages as in DolphinWiki? to be very useful. Can you delete pages without getting into the Zope management screen stuff? sort of (see current Delete Me)
  54. mmm, didn't anyone try to delete some entries? good people... -H.
  55. FilipKorling? - ZWiki is excellent. Thanks 1E6! We use it at work for our project web-pages.
  56. JuanVillegas - first time
  57. JohnDeBruyn -- super program
  58. IanBishop
  59. ChrisLangreiter -- one of the finest Wikis I've found. Fantastique!
  60. GeoffGardiner - very nice. Useful product, easy to install: now trying to extend (with less difficulty now than in the last couple of days!).
  61. GregWolff - zwiki is powerful. A magnificent collaboration tool!
  62. WimStolker? -- Still experimenting but allready quite impressed!
  63. MattBehrens -- oh, hello. I like ZWiki. What else is there to say? :-)
  64. SamuelFalvo? -- Impressive, and has great potential.
  65. MartinAndrews? -- I have loved wiki since the moment I ran into it and Zwiki was my introduction. I am trying to press it upon my coworkers now.
  66. FrankieChu -- Looks much better than the original! Now let's put in some BIG5 code to see if it breaks... ´ú¸?C
  67. PeterHansen -- the word astounding doesn't do this stuff justice. I'm strongly in favour of any work that results in content ending up stored (or perhaps shadowed on the local file system) as XML. I see a very good fit for this WikiWiki/ZWiki stuff in the area of requirements engineering. I think I've been waiting twenty years for Python, Zope, and now ZWiki!
  68. MattWestervelt
  69. JeanJordaan? -- I love this stuff .. pushing it at work now as much as I can. In the meantime, here's a page of ProgrammingBooks? -- reviews welcome :)
  70. Thomas Stenhaug -- I'll try selling the Wiki-idea here I think.
  71. BobSkaroff? -- This is really good stuff !! Forgive me for asking, but have you thought about binary file attachments, like... .xls files? -- Is there supposed to be a ;-) here? -- JeffEbert
  72. SunirShah
  73. GynzerStuff?
  74. noel-- Eschew Obfuscation!
  75. Nbk -- ZWiki 4ever!
  76. GTK. I should really rename the object, but it's everywhere.
  77. [mary]?
  78. [biber]?
  79. JeffEbert -- I have an idea to share about WikiVandalismDiscussion.
  80. PhilippeBack -- Well, a zope based wiki, that's pretty cool !
  81. FredYankowski -- ZWiki seems to be a pretty decent WikiClones.
  82. nchip - Pretty Groovy
  83. PeterVolgyesi - xvolgy
  84. Edward Muller -
  85. JimHollcraft -
  86. Alex Andrews - cool idea!!!!! open source is soo cool
  87. PetteriSoikkonen -- ZWiki is so cool and getting better all the time!
  88. Tim Churches - very nice, any plans for adding versioning a la TWiki?
  89. KlausSeistrup woz 'ere!
  90. KirkensKorshaer? was here too...
  91. DaveKirby - ZWiki newcomer trying to push it at work as a company forum
  92. This is [zilly]?
  93. This is [cshen]? - just checking out the Zwiki action
  94. I've been using Zwiki for 6 months and now do almost all of my non-programming work with it. It is a killer-app for me. Bruno Vernier
  95. RobertBrook - very nice to use, developing ZWiki for several projects
  96. Odile Bénassy - very excited about zwiki !!
  97. glenn . powers @ www . meaning . com
  98. What a great idea. Maybe I will make sevtech a ZWikiSite?.
  99. This is [para]?
  100. [Eizneckam]? - I love this software :)