1. Samuel Falvo - I am using an older (almost ancient) version of ZWiki on my old (almost ancient) Zope installation at home. It's long overdue for a re-installation. You can bet that I'll be using the latest installation of ZWiki again. It's just plain too handy not to. Excellent work, guys, and I still feel ZWiki is a better product (both in terms of usability and visuals) than TWiki, although TWiki is a pretty nice product as well. Keep up the good work!! UPDATE It turns out I was here sometime last year as well, and my oh my, how things change! I updated SamuelFalvo? with my latest information.
  2. Steve Webb - Just didn't know what a Wiki was - Goole pointed here first. 8) ALRIGHT! :^)
  3. WikiWikiWeb:WillemVanDenEnde I installed a ZWikiSite? internally at SERC and really like the ease of linking to external sites wiki and non-wiki.
  4. StevePike - developing a Wiki engine in Python too (but not with Zope).
  5. BeWo - using Zwiki and Zope as a basis for collaborative project documentation.
  6. Neat! After using this, downloaded Zope, installed ZWiki and we're up and running. excellent - which platform ?
  7. I ran TWiki for about 6 hours before I installed zope, recompiled the zwiki deb for potato, and made the switch. Thanks ZWiki! (MichaelIvey)
  8. Frans Verbaas: I installed Zope and ZWiki on my Win95 and they merge together well. I have a problem with zwiki_base_url, however. My zwiki is called TestWeb?, and the edit page is sought at http://testweb.editform where it is at http://localhost:8080/testweb.editform. Any solution?

    LaloMartins: you're having a problem where ZWiki doesn't like to be at the root (wiki_base_url +  '/ results in  //', which most browsers interpret as http:// or something). I think it's fixed on new ZWikiProduct?, but as I'm using WikiForNow this doesn't help me :-)

  9. RichardHoward : Would there be any use for a Wiki port to run on an ASP server, or does that already exist?
  10. DarrenDay? : So I've been using TWiki and liking it, but maybe the more powerful [Zwiki linking syntax]? will win me over
  11. Just discovered wiki. What a great idea. I'm hoping there are people like me (technically clueless) using it! BonnieAllen Me too. :) welcome --SM
  12. LaloMartins: I'm building a big (portuguese language) site, which will be kind of a "collection of wikis"; for this, I made a few changes to ZWiki so that some things (like parenting) can span subfolders. I intend to publish this after some debugging... (in the meanwhile you can see it working at http://zope.gf.com.br:8080/MetaWiki/TestCreateFolder)
  13. I am having a similar problem as mentioned by Frans Verbaas up higher on this page: Win98, Zope 2.3.2, ZWiki 0.9.3, and my links to help on the editpage don't work and throw a Zope error, because they can't be found. Any hints? DuaneKaufman
  14. ChrisAbraham installed ZWiki into ZPugOrg? so that we ZPugMembers? can start BrainStorming? what we want to do with the UserGroup?.
  15. LeonHatton Hosting Zope/Zwiki web site on Win98 platform as a class project.
  16. AriPollak dropped by from DebianWiki?. This stuff is definitely intriguing.
  17. AlexSass
  18. TonyHall
  19. B.K. I like to liki, but that sounds iki, and kind of siki, like hiki or quiki, not at all like Wiki
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  28. So how do i put a page into the structure? LetsMakeANewPage?

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