If you want to use WebDAV with Windows XP here is a small tutorial in order to get that working:

Normally adding a webfolder using RunDLL32.EXE netplwiz.dll,AddNetPlaceRunDll would enable you to add a Webfolder using your Zwiki URL plus your Sitename. For example http://myZwikiUrl:1234/sitename.

However in my current XP installation this did not work.

Help comes from another forum, where they advised to run webfldrs.msi from the Windows commandline. After that you are in the "WebFldrs XP Welcome Dialog". Here you should first "Select reinstall mode". In the WebFldrs XP Reinstall Mode Dialog click all the items except for "Reinstall only if file is missing". Then please click OK, and "Reinstall" on the main page after that.

Reboot your machine.

Ah, ok. Reboot complete. So you probably can use RunDLL32.EXE netplwiz.dll,AddNetPlaceRunDll to add your wiki site as a network place.