What are some kinds of acquisition/inheritance/transclusion-type behaviours that might be useful in the wacky world of wiki?

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Fundamental issues:

There are several possibilities to handle the situation, when there is SomePage? and wiki B inside wiki A: - how many? Three or four?

1. Status quo: In Wiki B SomePage? is presented as a link to an existing page, which triggers the context bug. Wikiusers can not create local SomePage?.

2. Acquisition for wikipages: In Wiki B SomePage? is presented as a link to an existing page, it leads to SomePage? in wiki A. Wikiusers can not create local SomePage?. (If you use pageheaders without context this is the status quo)

3. No acquisition for wikipages: In Wiki B SomePage? is presented as a new page questionmark link. Wikiusers can create local SomePage?. Linking to SomePage? in wiki A can be done by RemoteWikiLinks.

4. WikiMethods?: In Wiki A wikiadmin creates SomePage? as a wikimethod. SomePage? is acquired in wiki B. SomePage? can not be created locally. Acquisition should be working correctly, so that clicking SomePage? leads to SomePage? in A, where it can be edited by wikiusers.

I'd really like to see "No acquisition for wikispaces" to have clean namespaces and "Wikimethods for wikiadmins" to enforce structure in multiwiki sites by setting up wikis in wikis which share badges, remotewikilink pages, search and helppages (realized as wikimethods). - Hey as i think about it, for the moment it might do to have WikiMethod?-s implemented like wikipages but skip the context and preventing wikipages from getting acquired. Ah, no it's only a start as NameSpace? pollutions is caused by simple wikiname detection. I'll be thinking on that...


One has to use separate wikis to realize separate namespaces for the different projects, employees, whatever. On the other hand one want's to factor out some wikipages like those containing remote wikilinks, badges, stuff realizing functionality like useroptions and search.


The main point here is, that wikinames shouldn't show up as links (broken at the moment) when there is no wikipage in the wiki

See also AcquisitionProblems.

Ideas and suggestions


FlorianKonnertz, 2002/12/22 16:01 GMT (via web):
Topic main page inclusion

I want to include parts of ParentWiki's PageAboutTopicXy?'s content (ie.a subtopic's table of contents) in a SubWiki's PageAboutTopicXy?. This will be my next step, let's see how it goes...