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What are some kinds of acquisition/inheritance/transclusion-type behaviours that might be useful in the wacky world of wiki? See also: InterWiki.

zope-style acquisition -- ZWiki picks up this behaviour for free. To see it, define a subfolder within your wiki folder and start a sub-wiki there. In the sub-wiki, you can reference pages from the parent wiki; I think all links will work, but the parent wiki's pages will not appear in AllPages or when searching. Well, I think there are more problems than this at present (0.7.1). See AcquisitionProblems. --GG

Also, you can acquire other zope objects. Eg a DTML method representing a standard chunk of content, standard_wiki_header/footer/page, etc. This should be useful for someone who wants to maintain multiple distinct wiki webs (a FreeHosting) which share some consistency. This, however, works in 0.7.1. --GG

over-the-web acquisition
automatically search a remote wiki, or a chain of remote wikis, for a page which doesn't exist locally (I think WikiWikiWeb:InterWiki has more on this) ''Use MetaWiki.''
explicit inclusion/transclusion
(what exactly is the difference?) retrieve a particular page or a chunk of content from another site, specified in the page markup. eg FrontPage - See also IncludeOrTransclude
easy linking to specific remote wiki pages
e.g. RemoteWikiLinks

here's one I'm trying: I've made a "page_style" property on a Wiki page. When the page gets rendered, if it has that property, that text is included in a section in the header. This part I have working now. But what I really want is for children (i.e. wiki children) to inherit style of their parents. Haven't got that working yet. Not sure if this all makes sense, but it is something I want to try. --JJ

old stuff from elsewhere

Hi Simon, as it didn't fit on RefactoringZwikiArchitecture i'll note it here. While making zwiki more modular seems fun and necessary some time. The issue on AcquisitionAndNamespaces seems quite pressing to me, if one wants to establish a multiwiki site. I'd like to read what you think about the wikimethod thing. --BeWo

BeWo thanks for bringing this up. I'm not too clear on this issue.. haven't yet had a chance to puzzle out what your wikimethods are and why you call them that. maybe we could chat on the IRC channel one of these days ? --SM

Sure we can, on the other hand maybe i need to review my opinions on how to organize wikiweb hierarchies and the namespace problem. Some kind of include feature could solve this in an easier to understand way than different types of wikipages i think. (and yes (s)he's right this Paramahansa Yogananda person) --BeWo

So, to reiterate my situation and question...

Q) I have created a hierarchy of Zwiki Webs. In the top level I want all the help-type pages that I have prepared. In the next level I want various Wikis, each with their own Front Page and local content. If these call on a Help Page from the higher level I just want that to be visible. To make that easy, Read-Only access would be fine. At the moment I just get a page not found, so I have to duplicate all the higher level pages in each next-level Wiki. It's not at all clear to me what needs to be done in this situation. --GG

A1) Go to User Options and turn Show page hierarchy ? to No (from Jerry's post on ZWikiDiscussion). Then you can edit standard_wiki_header to re-enable the coloured bar - just remove the <dtml-if> statement that encloses the block with the "mon dieu!!" comment. Note that I enable editing and stuff for Managers at the top level and for Authenticated users at the lower level, so the help is not normally touchable. Then with nullman's formatted contents and offspring, this does the job fine. Finally edit User Options to comment out the Yes option on show_hierarchy. NO, then finally remove the superfluous Help, User Option, etc pages from the lower level Wikis. --GG

1Jerry, 2001/11/30 08:18 US/Pacific (via web):
Another attempt a multi-level protected wiki is documented at SubWikiExampleOne

Daniel Mahler <>, 2002/02/08 12:26 US/Pacific (via mail):

What is the preferred way to address wiki pages in a subfolder. Does one use the RemoteWikiURL mechanism or something else?

thanks Daniel

2002/09/24 20:05 GMT (via web):
Is there anything wrong with RemoteWikiURL for subfolder referencing? Sounds like "one great honking idea, let's use more of those!" namespacing to me! < .4 wink> - DeanGoodmanson

Catch: Can RemoteWikiURL's be nested, in the case of 2 or more tiers ?

Arg! STarted writing before getting the rest of the to read AcquisitionAndNamespaces

Old content from AcquisitionAndNamespaces

Hi, i've been playing around with Zwikiwebs in Zwikiwebs in Zwikiwebs.

There is some information about this on WikiAcquisition and AcquisitionProblems , and FolderishZwiki , FreeHosting

For short: Using wikiwebs for project documentation lead to the idea of integrating all project wikis in a superwiki, which some time might turn out to be a kind of wikistyle intranet with personal wikis for the employees.

One has to use separate wikis to realize separate namespaces for the different projects, employees, whatever. On the other hand one want's to factor out some wikipages like those containing remote wikilinks, badges, stuff realizing functionality like useroptions and search.

At the moment (22feb2001 zwiki 0.8.1) acquisition doesnt work with context activated in the standard_wiki_header. It kind of works if you like browsing wikis without context information.

What i'd like to mention is, that if acquisition worked it wouldn't really be what i want, as i lose namespace privacy again.

Instead i'd like wikipages not to be acquired. The main point here is, that wikinames shouldn't show up as links (broken at the moment) when there is no wikipage in the wiki. To have the possibility to factor out common pages we shouldn't use standard wikipages but wikimethods i think.

Acquisition of dtml methods works fine with zwiki but they are not wikilike at the moment, as you can't edit and render them online.

--BeWo 22feb2001

The main point here is, that wikinames shouldn't show up as links (broken at the moment) when there is no wikipage in the wiki

How would new pages be created ?


Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'll try again:

There are several possibilities to handle the situation, when there is SomePage and wiki B inside wiki A: - how many? Three or four?

1. Status quo: In Wiki B SomePage is presented as a link to an existing page, which triggers the context bug. Wikiusers can not create local SomePage.

2. Acquisition for wikipages: In Wiki B SomePage is presented as a link to an existing page, it leads to SomePage in wiki A. Wikiusers can not create local SomePage. (If you use pageheaders without context this is the status quo)

3. No acquisition for wikipages: In Wiki B SomePage is presented as a new page questionmark link. Wikiusers can create local SomePage. Linking to SomePage in wiki A can be done by remote wiki linking.

4. WikiMethods: In Wiki A wikiadmin creates SomePage as a wikimethod. SomePage is acquired in wiki B. SomePage can not be created locally. Acquisition should be working correctly, so that clicking SomePage leads to SomePage in A, where it can be edited by wikiusers.

I'd really like to see "No acquisition for wikispaces" to have clean namespaces and "Wikimethods for wikiadmins" to enforce structure in multiwiki sites by setting up wikis in wikis which share badges, remotewikilink pages, search and helppages (realized as wikimethods).

Hey as i think about it, for the moment it might do to have wikimethods implemented like wikipages but skip the context and preventing wikipages from getting acquired. Ah, no it's only a start as namespace pollutions is caused by simple wikiname detection. I'll be thinking on that...

--bwo 23feb2001

Old comments can be found in AcquisitionAndNamespacesArchive

Old content from AcquisitionProblems

This page has since been destroyed. I'm reviving it. :-) - DeanGoodmanson


Terminology: ZWiki folders: Parent= ParentWiki (and may be the RootWiki), Child= SubWiki's. a SiblingWiki (PeerWiki?) is a Wiki on the same level ON THE SAME SERVER. (Not to be confused with SisterWikis) (These are subject to change..trying to denote tree terminology, but zope namespace terminology is probably more important.) Please rant on the pages that created from these links. Later we'll pile them all into SubWiki

Fundamental Issues:

C. What you change in the parent standard_wiki_header dtml method WILL BE ACQUIRED AND MUST BE OVERRIDEN IN EVERY CHILD.
Current problems with this such as RecentChanges, FastChanges, SearchPage much be overriden to that the sub-wiki is acted upon, not the parent wiki. This one is a little too vague, and needs to be atomized and retested

D. Nesting ZwikiIssueTracker's may not be a good idea, due to Issue numbering schemes...needs to be tested.

E. Certain Zwiki items will not render when including a parent folder WikiLink (../ParentWiki) - IssueNo0279

F. Bracketted wiki links for aquired wiki links render with the brackets unremoved

Catalog Issues:

G. SearchPage and RecentChanges searching is limited to the current wiki folder, not the entire tree.

H. URL search and redirect may send users to parent wiki (Redirect) - See also SubWikiExampleOne.

I. A RE-catalog on a parent wiki will gather items from a sub-wiki (and /recycle_bin) Administration Issues:

  1. If a parent folder contains a users intended new wiki link/page, that page will be linked and a sub-wiki user will have to create that page through the ZMI or a PAGENAME/editform URL
  2. Necesity to connect wiki folders with RemoteWikiURL's

Outdated Issues:

A. the /print function does not print child pages - no longer a problem.. might have been 0.10.0, or catalog needed updating.

Redirect errors:

Noticing some strangeness with standard_error_message search and redirect feature. When hitting the url the root/sub/frontpage I get directed to root/FrontPage.

I thought it was because I didn't havea catalog on the second, but copied the one from the first and rebuilt, and it still happens. (Note: This is MINOR, as fuzzy wiki links frontpage work fine.)

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/11/01 19:38 GMT (via web):

Templates and Tools for aggregating all zwiki's within a single Zope Site (and I don't think it matters if they are nested or not) server-wide tasks would be helpful:

For dealing with multiple wiki's ON DIFFERENT SERVERS see: MetaWiki , SisterSites, InterWiki, FreeHosting

Q: General subwiki addressing, how is it done? A: RemoteWikiLinks

For details on the current issues with SubWiki RemoteWikiLinks and fuzzy matching, see SubWikiLinksTest