A WikiBadge is a page which you add as a link to other pages to indicate some category or classification. It's just like a tag. When you follow such a link, you'll see the badge page which should describe it's meaning. Click the title on the badge page to see all the pages marked with that badge (its backlinks). WikiWikiWeb:WikiBadge has more about the concept, including pros and cons.

After page naming, wiki badges are the main way of categorising content in a traditional wiki. In zwikis, we have another organising tool: page hierarchy. It's no problem to use both at once, just remember you can have only one hierarchy but as many badges/tags as you like.

We used to mark badge pages themselves by tagging them with the WikiBadge badge, but that has been linked in discussion too many times (could be cleaned up). Right now we identify badges by parenting them under this page. Here's an overview of this wiki's badges and badged pages (using DTML):

#975 Add Delete Safety Nets CurtYanko editing FAQ GeneralDiscussion200204 GeneralDiscussion200210 GeneralProblems PleaseAddContentOrDelete PurpleNumbersDiscussion2003 SimonsLog2000 WikiMailAtZwikiDotOrg ZwikiFeatureMuseum #1267 deleting pages with "DeleteMe" does not send out email

#932 bounty for full MoinMoin markup #933 bounty for edit preview mode #966 Create page from template GeneralDiscussion200403 ZwikiFunding #604 backlinksFor and CatalogBrains/Objects mixup

On Betabug's List:
#962 issue pages in HTML mode don't show property form betabug is Sascha Welter #1267 deleting pages with "DeleteMe" does not send out email #1272 PageUtils.metadataFor() crashes Zope with invalid argument #1317 Get rid of bare except: clauses #1347 Utils.py - missing html_unquote from renderedSummary #1352 hasattr can mask problems, replace it #482 errors should appear in event log at default severity #666 Bracket-based links in RST cannot be suppressed #679 polish wiki name not recognized ? #805 anonymous gets rename auth error when editing issue pages

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PageMaintainers PageReviewer

GardeningPolicy PleaseAddContentOrDelete

FolderishZwiki OldZwikiTrackerDiscussion SuggestionsAndComments


BadgeVoting GeneralDiscussion200204


DeleteMe GeneralDiscussion200112 GeneralDiscussion200209 GeneralDiscussion200211 GeneralDiscussion200212 GeneralDiscussion200301 GeneralDiscussion200303 GoldOffer On Betabug's List PageMaintainers PageReviewer PleaseExplainPurposeOfThisPage RefactorMe RemoveAtWill RenameMe UpdateMe UserDiscussion200410 WikiBadges ZWikiTaggingDiscussion ZwikiModification

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