Literate Programming is developing software by writing docs and code at one time usually starting with the docs:)

It isn't very popular, but those who do it love it! Wiki could become a perfect base for distributed webbased literate programming, but there's way to go!

Could you think of the zwiki sources to be edited online, with the possibility of building and testing them from a management page. This could be really cool!

Hmmm.. maybe in 6 months? We'll see ;)

-- I agree there are distinct possibilities here. Ward did this with his early (& current?) implementation - a search for "hyperperl" or "wikibase" should find it.

Oh, yes I see: WikiWikiWeb:HyperPerl thanks for the hint. (Sometimes one feels like trying to realize a really cool idea and when telling someone about it, get's a: "Oh, yes, we call it a wheel!")

On the other hand Wards wikibase lit prog wiki doesn't seem to inviting to me. I just had a glance and lack the structuring possibilities allowing me to write kind of an article or book containing some software. Combination of such features with the pdf generator proposed on ZwikiToPDF could be kind of fruitful.

Ok, finally here's more on literate programming: WikiWikiWeb:LiterateProgramming

hmz, on the topic of editing zwiki sources and testing them out from a management page... that is most definitely possible with the aid of the LocalFS product and the divine Refresh product by Shane Hathaway --tav

Havn't been aware of Refresh! Thanks! Maybe less than 6 months, but i'll have to be working on something else from now on. Sorry that! --BeWo

maybe simon can set up a subdomain? where we can do this and wreck great havoc. would be very interesting --tav

I like the idea but I'm not sure how to put it to practical use at this moment. PS how exactly would you allow source editing with localfs ? Does it let you edit files TTW, or do you mean file upload ?

It seems there should be some way that zwiki pages can be equivalent to dtml methods or python scripts, and then more of the functionality could be moved into editable pages. --SM