This page coordinates cleanup of the wiki.


This wiki,, has been in an expansion phase since it started some years ago. In 2003/08 we reached a high water mark of 1750 pages. Scalability problems became severe and have been (more or less) solved for the moment; it's technically possible for the wiki to keep growing. However with the strong demand for clearer documentation, and the site and software now reasonably solid and efficient, it's a good time for the long-needed grand wiki cleanup. A big ball of rich organic matter has accumulated; let's compress it and see if we get a diamond, or at least some good combustible coal. This will also affect the software.


FrontPage, NavigationAids, HowToFindThingsInZwiki, ZWiki, AllPages, WikiBadges, WikiStats, how do I rename a page ? etc., ZwikiPrinciples, BestPractices/WikiConventions/GardeningPolicy, WikiWikiWeb:WikiSocialNorms


"Divide et impera"

Initiatives in each of the site's main content subdivisions are logged briefly. Please help clean up any area you care about.


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