This is the page for a. Naming and b. Describing different ways you'd like a wiki to be able to format and render links to other pages and resources‡.

‡ Linking to resources other than a wiki page, or RemoteWikiURL, is generally outside of this discussion, but may intercede at some points. These are usually included in the PageMarkup? and include: Linking images, email addresses, footnotes (and crating anchors),

Please discuss at WikiLinkingDiscussion.

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To Do:

StudlyCaps? and CamelCase

Is there 1 term for this? This is not pascalCase, correct?

Expanded Wiki Names

When a word isn't enclosed in brackets, add a space prior to ever capital letter after (not including the first one).

Freeform Links

Late Caps Agnostic Wiki Link

Definition: A word or group of words without spaces, beginning with a capital letter, and including at least one other capital letter and at least one lower case letter.

Example: ZWiki and ZwiKi? would both resolve to the same page (just as they would if surrounded in brackets), o

Note: Zwiki uses this term for the Zope object ID. It's expected that the a lower cased canonical wiki link would exactly match a lower cased Zope object ID.

Usefulness: Resolves ambiguity on pages that include abbreviations. Is it XMLSchema or XmlSchema? Much simpler and less surprising when writing out wiki names in and not wanting to try to find the exact casing, nor have to stop your train of thought and backspace to add brackets.

Catch: There are a few unique, mutually exclusive phrases/wiki names which are . Thus, this feature needs to be togglable on a site by site basis. (Just as WikiName area)

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See: RemoteWikiLinks

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Plural Agnostic

Feature to check a pages canonicalLink with our without an addeed "s".


Appended Numbers Link

Zwiki allows a WikiLink to include an appended number.

Included Numbers Link

Allow numbers in WikiLink throughout the entire phrase. (Even the beginning? If the first letter after the number is caps, Yes.) This would allow Type3Wikis, 3BlindMice, and HighwayExit101?

Automatic Discussion Link