Summary of all linking issues, problems, ideas, wishlists.

I was motivated to start this page by recent comments by Simon and DeanG on GeneralDiscussion about FreeformLinks (as on WikiPedia) and general augmentation of linking possibility in ZWiki. So I did a search for "link" on the site and in the tracker to get an overview of all linking issues. Here's the summary. Imo FreeformLinks resp. a general reform of the WikiName/WikiLink concept is an idea to think about, because in NooWiki I can't get to a final decision how to name pages ie where to put the CaPiTalS? and WHere? NoT?. - I hope, the WikiSpirit? remains and CamelCase words are still used if such a change is applied (if possible at all). - A current approach is done with the FullLinkedWiki patch - FloK, 03-03-07

Overview of existing link issues and problems



General and miscellaneous stuff



Email linking

Various linking-related issues from the IssueTracker: (or, search for issues containing link ; open issues by severity with link in the title ; in the comments

Wishlist and suggestions for augmented linking concept

LinkTypes? (by location and/or syntax):

LinkTypes? (semantically):

Marking of link types

Replacing "?" link to edit/create form and "../ " of ParentWiki pages with something else

Discussion: WikiLinkingDiscussion

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