Wiki page names are two or more capitalized words joined together without spaces. They are easy to read, write and remember, yet distinctive enough to be recognized by the computer as hyperlinks.

Simple, consistent wikinames are best, but ZWiki allows some variations:

See also WikiName, WikiName, FreeformLinks, HowZwikiTitleAndIdWorks

WikiWikiWeb:WikiNames has more on the advantages of this scheme.

Also known as CamelCase and StudlyCaps?.


Is it possible to change some option to allow european characters in wikinames? - Yes, look around I18n

I use some Pages as directories and tables od contents for a main topic, so they consist only of one word, i.e. Society, Philosophy, etc. Is there a recommendation how to name these pages? What's better: SocietyPage? or SoCiety? ? --FlorianKonnertz, 0917 - - - Single words can be made to WikiName by putting brackets around them: '[Topic]?'. See also: --FloK

JohnGreenaway, 2002/09/18 20:14 GMT (via web):
Minor thing that keeps bugging me... Shouldn't J2EEDesignPatterns be recognised as a WikiName?

JohnGreenaway, 2002/09/18 20:16 GMT (via web):
Hmm. It's recognised as a name on here. Why not on my copy of 0.10 then?

Simon, 2002/09/23 18:27 GMT (via web):
Fixed - it was being recognized here due to #248 wikinames are a little confused on at present. Zwiki's rule is as above, numbers may only be appended to a valid wikiname. Arguably they should be treated as lowercase letters - I think all you need to do is add them to L in - I still lean towards the existing rule for simplicity.