I am an outliner, and would enjoy a discussion on WikiOutlining .
Kick of with O'Reilly Networks's "Jon Udell: Instant Outlining, Instant Gratification"

I'll also try to glean current thoughts on this subject from ZWiki into this dicussion.

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Dean, 2002/04/09 21:03 GMT (via web):
Perhaps this should be called [Wiki Outlining Discussion]

BillSeitz Apr9 says:

Outlining can apply to the structure of a single page, or to the structure across pages (where I find the current parent model sufficient, and would consider anything else to be overly formal, since one reason to use a wiki is to escape hierarchy to a net).

see http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/WikiAndOutlining

Dean Apr9 says:

Thanks Bill! My initial scope perspective was the content of a single page, glad to reach the extents.

I agree, I also enjoy the escape of forums & slashdot style heirarchies. :) Mind mapping, not organizing. Looking forward to reading your article.

Dean, 2002/04/15 03:02 GMT (via web):
Joust Web Page Outliner: http://www.ivanpeters.com/index.htm?page=/joust/index.htm