While WikiName and BackLinks are great for exploring, it might be nice to be able to provide alternate navigation paths through the Wiki. For instance, a set of pages which are all related to each other, and linked from a common page, could be given "Previous", "Next", and "Up" links. You could do this by embedding links into the pages, but this could easily become unwieldy if a page was included in several different paths.

Instead, consider the following scenario, which lays out a mechanism for creating, storing, and using out-of-band link collections:

o You add WikiName MyPath to page MyPage.

o When you follow the add-a-page link, instead of creating and giving you a blank page, the Wiki offers you a list of available Wiki objects/templates, one of which is WikiPath.

o You choose WikiPath, and are returned to MyPage, with two small changes; Your URL is now .../MyPath/MyPage instead of .../MyPage, and there are 'Path Links' and 'Leave Path' buttons in a WikiPaths area (at the top of the page?).

o You click on a page link to MyFirstPage, then push the 'Path Links' button.

o This takes you to a form with controls for adding, editing, and deleting path links. A path link is just a WikiName (or URL also?) with a link description, such as 'Next', 'Up', 'Section', or 'Glossary'. You can also decide whether to designate the current page as the home page for the path.

o You define path links 'Up' to MyPage and 'Next' to MyPageB, and push the 'Save' button.

o This takes you back to MyPageA, but now there are two new links (or buttons?) in the WikiPaths area.

o You could follow the 'Next' link to MyPageB and define more path links, or push 'Leave Path' and go to .../MyPageA.

Later, when you want to use MyPath, you simply following the link to it from MyPage, and are taken to .../MyPath/MyPageA (assuming that you didn't choose to make some other page the path home page). You can then use the path links to follow the path.

If you entered a different path, you might well traverse the same pages with an entirely different set of path links.

Various features, such as providing a list of page links, or a list of path-backlinks, could be added to the path link editing page.

The path link information would all be stored in the WikiPaths objects, and would therefore not cause any editing effects such as updated modification timestamps or change notifications.