Generally, what kinds of policies are available to wiki admins, and what effects might they have ?

More specifically, what kinds of policies am I, as admin of this public wiki server, following here ? I'd like to have some explicit statement here so that users of this wiki have some idea what to expect.

In particular, I think a WikiContentPolicy is useful. A successful public wiki like WikiWikiWeb depends on trust and certain assumptions. One of these is that the content I contribute or help refine will not be lost, misused or become inaccessible, at least in the short term.

One could argue that such guarantees are not part of, or are even counter to WikiEssence?/WhyWikiWorks? - yet I think if these things are seriously in doubt, a person is less likely to invest their time and talent contributing.

Therefore, a clear statement of WikiContentPolicy may be helpful, to remove (or right-size) these fears and encourage participation. I imagine a "contract" as being yet a little more clear and effective. Example: ZwikiDotOrgContentContract.

Motivators: the DebianSocialContract?, the "client's bill of rights" (defined somewhere in WikiWikiWeb:ExtremeProgramming)..

Other comments/links on this topic ?

See also: GardeningPolicy, WikiConventions, BestPractices.