from orig. Wiki Transclusion page.

SimonMichael, 2002/11/20 23:05 GMT (via web):
You could use the webget external method used by ZwikiAnalyzer. You may need to think about security/abuse issues.

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/11/20 23:23 GMT (via web):
Simon, could you explain futher, please?!

SimonMichael, 2002/11/21 00:06 GMT (via web):
You'll need to provide an external method for accessing a remote site from DTML. I thought ZwikiAnalyzer's was a generic url-fetching script but it isn't. It could be made into one or you could search the zope lists or howtos for one. The security issue is that someone can then make your site call any web url on their behalf.

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/11/21 00:18 GMT (via web):
Ah, yes - I understand. I want to examine this further, let's see tomorrow. - cu, FloK

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/12/09 17:26 GMT (via web):
Integrate this page in IncludeOrTransclude ?

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/12/20 19:45 GMT (via web):
Transclusion pages refactoring

Copied the complete content of this page to IncludeOrTransclude.

from IncludeOrTransclude:

Note that there is no technical reason to include a page instead of transcluding it except to improve rendering times. After all, you can use ''lynx -source'' at any time to fetch the foreign page. However, then you lose one of the benefits of transclusions: if the foreign page is updated, your page is updated. However, this also leads you to MeatballWiki:ContentSwizzling. --SunirShah

I use DTML to pull in the content of other pages on the local ZWiki:

  <dtml-var "_.getitem('otherpagename').raw">

It's not as convenient as #WikiInclude?, but it does the job. Now, who put this page into a non-StructuredText type? This rendering is kinda annoying. --GTK

Right, or on FrontPage I use

&lt;dtml-var "FrontPageNews.src()"&gt;

I thought maybe a zwiki page should check if it's being included by another, and skip the html rendering in that case. Then you wouldn't need the .src().

You may want to see MeatBall:InternalTransclusion.

I don't know why, but now and then I see a page getting switched to classicwiki mode like this one was. I thought it was being done by users but perhaps it's a bug. Normally I would just go to the editform_advanced and change it back.. but in this case I'm seeing an error. Ack! >:(

Had to use the management UI to change back to structuredtext, in fact had to go to structuredtextdtml to make the above link.

And now it's working from the form again. Hmm. --SM

Now, how would you do if you wanted to include a wiki page of StructuredText in a page to be rendered as plain HTML? The technique

&lt;dtml-var "FrontPageNews.src()"&gt;

wouldn't work right? Any solutions?

btw, src() is a method of what object? What is the difference with document_src()?

Also, how would I include a piece of wiki page, say, the first 2 paragraphs? (This way, you could avoid having to separate SimonsLog2001 from SimonsLog200?1Latest in the FrontPage). --Slef

You could use KebasData? ( ...

I just took a stab at including a zwiki page from another page on the zope server that is not in the same wiki (or not in a wiki at all). I tried this a year or two ago and could not find an elegant solution - but now I found this bit of dtml works wonderfully:

 <dtml-with expr="">
 <dtml-var expr="renderLinksIn(stxToHtml(src()))">

within a zope server --DeanGoodmanson, 2003/02/07 01:23 GMT
Another way to do that is :

 <dtml-var "">

But I think what you have done has answered a longstanding question of mine of how to display a page without wikilinks through that call w/out the render.. call. Thanks! :-)