I'm doing some ZWiki hackage myself, I call it "WikiTree"... you might want to ceck it out. The idea is allowing multi-folder Wiki families.

There is a demo instance at http://zope.gf.com.br:8080/MetaWiki and another one in actual use (but in Portuguese) at http://magik.laranja.org:8080

Not only it has some simple fixes for creating folders and letting ZWikiPages behave better when acquired; but it also supports inter-folder Parenting (and context() works decently), and the TraversalWikiLink (a wiki link that uses restrictedTraversal to "dig" for pages deep inside other folders).

Release? Well... there will be one, I swear :-) The code isn't even too ugly, but releasing changes to the wiki maker is a pain. If all you want is my ZWikiPage.py, well... (beware, tough, that it's based on WFN and not latest ZWikiProduct?!): http://zope.gf.com.br:8080/MetaWiki/WikiTree/ZWikiPagePy

(oh yes, this is a ZwikiModification I guess)

RemoteWikiURL: http://zope.gf.com.br:8080/MetaWiki/

I think this should go into the ZwikiFeatureMuseum