and visa versa

plus who says they need to be WikiWords

why can't we just get a list of the objects inside a folder, match their id to text in the source, and then make those links.

Heck, if we did it like that, we could find images, folders, scripts, and render them more effectively (since we could get their type)

2001/12/08 12:36 US/Pacific (via web):
Can you give an example of what you mean here? If I understand you correctly, if I have a page named "Runner" for example, all occurances of the word "Runner" in my text would be hyperlinked thereto? If so, I can see where that can be nice to have, and by the same token, not to have. :) A consistent method of escaping or negating the effects of a Wiki "command" is needed here. See StructuredTextThatIsSimpleAndWorks.

Samuel A. Falvo II

2001/12/08 12:52 US/Pacific (via web):
what i mean here is that if you already have a page created called "some_page" then just typing some_page anywhere in the source makes a link to it. Doesn't this seem easier?

then to create a new page do this some_page? and wala the normal ? link appears after the word. If all you want is a ? then leave it

Jason Byron

2001/12/08 12:56 US/Pacific (via web):
Hmm...not sure I like the question-mark markup there. I'll have to think about this too.

Samuel A. Falvo II

2001/12/08 13:02 US/Pacific (via web):
how about using an exclamation point for the create? it looks more like a "make me" character than ?

jason b