work in progress for a that splits the logic into METAL macros and moves presentation parameters to a stylesheet.

so far, the logic has been split in the way that seemed the most obvious. inline styles have been factored out of the new, but not completely out of there's still work to do organizing and sanity testing the style classes & ids and figuring out where new logical styles would make customization easier.

all this is pretty tentative, pending user testing and feedback. i'd really appreciate feedback, since i don't want to go down this path too much further if it's a dead end.

are there better ways to do this? are there pitfalls in this approach that need to be avoided? is there anything to add that would make this better? anything to remove?

here are a couple of specific questions i've come up with so far:

thanks in advance for any consideration you can give this!

to check these out, upload them to your ZWiki folder using IDs? which are the filename without an extension. you might want to upload the demo user stylesheet after you've tried the defaults out.

hopefully, the differences between the default_stylesheet and an unmodified ZWiki 0.23 are insignificant.

the demo user stylesheet changes some layout settings to save a bit of vertical space. it also uses an easy on the eyes light cyan colorscheme. :-) this is just a proof of concept thing. it's basically the same as the default ZWiki skin.

ps- there are a few optional tweeks that i couldn't resist throwing in. (mostly, "things dan really misses from version 0.22". :-) if you want to look at/for them, at present they can be enabled en mass by a tal:define="vistwks 1" fragment near the top of you can also enable the linear context header there, but will need to install a modified to do so. it's at .


awesome! --simon, Sun, 26 Oct 2003 01:24:39 -0700 reply
I forgot you were doing this. The code looks beautiful! A long way from the early dtml prototypes. I'm excited.

available on --simon, Sat, 08 Nov 2003 13:12:20 -0800 reply
You can try this out by choosing the wikipagex skin on UserOptions?.

checked in for 0.25 --simon, Sat, 08 Nov 2003 17:49:52 -0800 reply
This is now part of the default skin. See CustomizingTheSkin .