What is it?

(a ZwikiModification) TresSeaver's reimplementation of ZWiki using ZClasses, as follows:

derived from ObjectManager? and ZCatalog, holds WikiPage?(s)
derived from CatalogAware? -- indexes itself with its containing WikiSpace?

New Features


Q: What is the status of the project? When will ZCWiki be available?
A: *I have some doubts about if/when to releasing it (it is an alternative implementation/fork of ZWiki, which probably deserves most focus at present). SM has included my code for ClassicWiki? markup and user-selectable markup, which is the major new feature (the ZCatalog-based lookups are really only a PerformanceTweak?). Ask me if you want to look at it anyway. --TresSeaver*

*I find the product approach easier to work with at present, but needless to say, don't worry about forking on my account - I'm happy to see a zclass implementation out there if people want it. They can benefit from each other's code, as ZWiki already has. --SM*

*I have put it up on my zope.org page, but haven't set it to be catalogued. Enjoy who will! --TresSeaver*

ZCWiki doesn't have an icon in the Zope management interface...? Also, is it reasonably up-to-date with ZWiki? I personally think it sounds cool and could benefit from some sort of merging.

ZCWiki is broken by the Zope 2.20 security model? --TeyC*