While classic wikis are a free for all, there is value in private wikis and wikis that provide control over what users can do, at least optionally. Fortunately, Zope makes this pretty easy to do. We can define a set of permissions that are relevent to Wiki pages and provide defaults that mimic classic wiki openess with knobs that provide finer control.

KenManheimer: -- I'm very interested in a simple way to coordinate

"areas" of a wiki, so the permissions of a bunch of related pages can be set to, eg, delegate control of them to some individual or individuals, with separate discretion about control in separate areas.

The idea is to have a set of controls that determine the settings of offspring pages. In this way, though the new pages are owned by the person doing the creation, the ability to, eg, spawn unlimited amounts of new pages or allow unlimited editing (as opposed to confining the editing to the creator of the new page) is according to the settings of the original page owner. They may delegate that say for an area to the creator of a new page, or they may retain it - the point is having the discretion.

The controls might entail (according to Zope user id and/or role):

  • whether or not someone could edit a page
  • whether or not someone could change the parentage of a page (see WikiStructuringIdeas)
  • whether or not someone could create new pages from a page
  • whether or not (eventually, when such things can be done directly from a page) delete, rename, move a page to another wiki
  • the settings of these privileges for the pages created from this page
  • whether or not the creator of the new page can change the new-page-creation settings for the new page. (This last essentially controls whether the policies of the original page are retained all the way down, or discretion about the policy is left to the creator of the new page. Ultimately, the discretion here is about the kind of growth policy within an area.)

The aim is to enable different kinds of delegation per area within a wiki - from very restricted one-editor-only, to the ability to create pages whose sub-hierchies are controlled by specific others, to unrestricted activities as in a traditional wiki - and to a mixture of open and restricted sub-hierarchies.

There is some synergy with the nesting structuring described in WikiStructuringIdeas (and implemented in the new zwiki). The natural parent/child sub-hierarchies will parallel policy hiearchies, with variation within the subhierarchies according to the allowances of the policy-changing settings