Analyze any internet-accessible zwiki site. Uses a (currently very simplistic) external method .

Currently broken. A more capable local form may be better.

Enter the page url:



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 find out better zclient or python lib api
 move rules up into this page
 tell me about this page (url) - need http get example
 running zope version n, python version n
 running zwiki version n
 running x template version n
 upgrades recommended
 upgrade to latest zope/zwiki
 recommended configurations as of d include 
  python1.5/zope<2.2:    zwiki0.6     if you must
  python1.5/zope2.2-2.3: zwiki0.9.9   if you must
  python>=2.1/zope>=2.4: zwiki0.9.10  good
  python2.1/zope2.5.1/zwiki0.9.10     better (most stable)
  python2.1/zope2.5.1/zwikicvs        best (most up-to-date)

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/11/20 23:18 GMT (via web):
ZwikiAnalyzer: says: looks like this is zwiki <0.9.9, - and

ZwikiAnalyzer: says: looks like this is a WikiForNow, -

but it is a 0.11, - and - NooWiki is not only a WikiForNow, it's for eternity ;-) !!

Bob Marshall 2003/11/22 18:08 GMT
Seems like all the anlayse links towards the top of this page are broken (using IE6 SP1)

(And I had to add this comment by hand as there was no comment button!)