Zwiki works in a standard zope folder, or inside a Plone or CMF site. I'll refer to Plone below; things are almost the same with plain CMF.

You can move a standard zope wiki into Plone, or out of it, by a simple cut & paste in the ZMI. By putting your wiki inside Plone, you'll lose some of the speed and simplicity that is the hallmark of wiki. On the other hand, you'll gain membership management, the ability to add other types of content, and your wiki will blend in seamlessly with your Plone site's look and feel. Zwiki mostly works just the same in Plone, so most Zwiki documentation also applies to Plone users.

Note: Zwiki and Plone's functionality overlaps and combining the two does make for a more complex system, with quirks you'll learn to avoid. Relatively painless, if not perfect, Plone 3.x integration is our current goal.

2009/12/17: if you want better support for current Plone versions.. see Fundraising for plone support.

Plone 3 compatibility

With Plone 3, you should use at least Zwiki 0.61.

Zwiki and Wicked

Plone 3 has added a kind of wiki-linking as a standard feature, using the included Wicked product.

Are Wicked and ZWiki complementary, or would you use one or the other ?

Most people would choose one or the other, though there's no problem with having both enabled in a site. They fit slightly different needs:


  • links across the whole site


  • links within a folder only (you can have multiple separate wikis in a site)
  • works in (most) rich text fields of standard Plone content types
  • uses a separate Wiki Page content type
  • provides a link target choosing dialog
  • provides many wiki-ish features useful for large or active wikis, like backlinks, page hierarchy and email integration
  • feels more like standard Plone. If you know the plone UI, this should feel like a natural addition.
  • feels more like standard wikis. Simpler (no workflow, single folder, fuzzy linking etc.) and with the non-Plone skin, faster.
  • is relatively new
  • is mature (actively developed and heavily used since 2000)
  • is shipped with Plone 3 (here's how to turn it on)
  • works with or without Plone. Wikis can be moved in or out of a Plone site at will. Can also use non-Plone skin within a Plone site.

Aside: this overlaps the more general question of whether to use Zwiki or Plone. The two have co-evolved and converged in some ways, with a number of similar features. They occupy different points on the simplicity<->structure curve. You can use one, the other, both together, migrate from one to the other later, and so on.

Zwiki and workflow

By default, wiki pages are in the visible state and do not participate in workflow. Workflow seems overkill for wikis. But if you want to try it, you can enable it in ZMI -> portal_types -> Wiki Page.

WYSIWYG editing

Plone uses [Kupu]? for WYSIWYG editing, but Zwiki hasn't been made to support that yet. Zwiki does support Epoz, which is an older version of Kupu. Install Epoz (just in Zope Products dir) to get some WYSIWYG wiki page editing working. See also:

Page naming issues

  • If you use the plone content management interface to add a Wiki Page, give it a meaningful page name and save, as the default page name and id provided by CMF are not compatible with Zwiki's naming scheme. Usually it's simplest to stick to Zwiki's interface instead. See #1021 creating and renaming wiki pages in CMF/Plone can be confusing.
  • If you are adding the first Wiki Page in a folder, the name FrontPage will be suggested. Plone will automatically display FrontPage as the folder's default view. To display a different page by default: put the page name in a default_page string or lines folder property, or set up an index_html DTML Method.

Using the Zwiki skin in Plone

For greater speed and simplicity, you can use the standard Zwiki skin when viewing wiki pages, instead of the usual Plone skin. Use the - and + access keys to toggle between the Zwiki and Plone skins (needs retesting in various browsers).

My ideal scenario is that you can visit a site,, and it is a Zwiki type site, but behind the scenes it is actually a component part of a larger site controlled by Plone, Editing permissions for only would be regulated by membership to a group of some kind, such as GRUF, mxmWorkgroup etc. Is this scenario possible?

Yes, that's exactly how it works. A zwiki in Plone is regulated by Plone membership, and shows the Plone skin by default, but any user can switch to the vanilla Zwiki skin for viewing wiki pages. This is sometimes a better fit for a wiki since the essence of wiki is speed ("wiki wiki" - quick!). Or you can make it use the zwiki skin by default. HowToUseTheStandardSkinInPlone has more on this.

Converting Zwiki content to Plone content and vice-versa

Other notes

  • To create Zwiki's usual default wiki, first create a single Wiki Page named eg FirstPage?, then visit .../FirstPage?/setupPages while logged in as manager.
  • ZWikiFolder provides a special folder type that provides an easier user interface for Zwiki's configuration properties.

Where to get help

The usual places linked on FrontPage, plus a few more:

  • the plone-users mail list
  • the #plone irc channel