This started as a first cut at doing wiki on zope. Actually, my very first cut was some DTML-only experiments a while back. Using regexps I could highlight WikiNames properly but needed more functionality. A product based on DTML Document seemed the easiest way forward. In Zope, like perl, There's More Than One Way To Do It. (add pages for related efforts here ?)

Wiki pages are represented by ZWikiPage objects, subclassed from DTMLDocument. A zwikiweb consists of all ZWikiPages? in a folder. (but acquisition may make this more interesting! haven't tried it)

I'm using acquisition (inheritance?) with good effect. I have a web/folder called Intranet, and subfolder wiki webs like HR, eBiz, etc. The subfolders pickup all of the Intranet pages like JumpSearch? - works really well. - ScottMeilicke

Due to limited zope & python zen, I did lots of "design" by trial and error. I appreciate all feedback, responses to the ?? comments in the code, bugreports, fixes, enhancements, alternate implementations, etc.

Currently the ZWiki product consists of:

1. the ZWiki product proper
This zope product provides the ZWikiPage object, which is a DTML Document with wiki functionality and utility methods added. Isnt this a page template now?: See Source.

2. the sample wiki objects
While you can start a wiki with just one ZWikiPage object, the product includes some useful DTML methods and zwikipages which can be used to jumpstart a more fully-featured wikiweb, or as starting points for customization. These are imported from the file zwiki.zexp and include:

Want some information on how to manage user roles in ZWiki

this needs an update