The following things should be possible in a "1.0" release.

  1. Create a site such that all content required for the site is in the site's folder. i.e. the files in 'skins/standard' and 'content/basic' are placed in the new ZWikiWeb? folder. (or 'skins/zwiki_plone')
  2. Create a site such that only wiki pages are in the site's folder.
  3. Create "skins" which exist in the ZODB, and can be distributed separate from the zwiki project. A "skin" is defined as the files '', '', etc.
  4. Remove all DTML files and create ZPT files to replace them ('skins/standard')
  5. Place ZMI interface files in 'dtml/', following other Zope products. (currently in 'skins/zmi' -- this is not a "skin")
  6. Ability to disable or selectively enable comments on pages
  7. Ability to disable or selectively enable page ratings, purple numbers, and tracker.
  8. Ability to remove individual files from 'plugins/' and 'pagetypes/' and not affect working zwiki site. (as long as those features weren't used)
  9. Remove ZWIKI<!-- -->MIDSECTION and storing comments in mbox format -- these cause rendering surprises
  10. Wiki AdminForm page - preferably a tab in the ZMI.
  11. Stabilize, define, and document the API for a ZWikiPage, so people can write new ZPT/skins.
  12. The external-edit link on should open the page currently being edited.
  13. Plone configlet