See also ZwikiQuality, OriginalZopeWikiProposal

Some Zwiki project principles

for the user

  • it should be simple, intuitive, efficient

for the admin

  • a default installation is simple and just works
  • flexible configuration is also possible and documented

for the developer

  • effective participation is easy
  • processes and policies are clear


  • documentation is up to date, sufficient and minimal
  • less is more
  • 100% internationalization
  • high reliability


If it is not useful or necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to make it.

If it is useful and necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to enhance it by adding what is not an integral part of its usefulness or necessity.

And finally: If it is both useful and necessary and you can recognize and eliminate what is not essential, then go ahead and make it as beautifully as you can.

Some old themes, directions, concerns (was BigThemesForZwiki)

  • simplicity, reliability, usability
  • wiki page/mail list integration - a page may be a mail list, or a thread
  • wiki page/real-time chat integration - a page may be a chat room or chat session
  • pages are easily editable, provide rich functionality, store various kinds of data, may be executable
  • pages may be used wherever you would use a dtml method or python script
  • any page may be used as a template for presenting other pages ?
  • possible to build any kind of website with zwiki pages

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