quality issues & notes

how to improve people's typical first encounter with zwiki ?



how to increase awareness of known bugs & solutions in current releases ?

run ZwikiAnalyzer form to see what you've got

from there proceed to KnownIssues

ZwikiIssueTracker improvements

how to make installation as easy as possible ?

ZwikiInstallation?, FiveMinuteZwikiInstallationGuide?


how to increase awareness and ease of upgrading to latest code & template ?


Make the default templates pages icon a different color. (He says as he leaves the dark shootin' suggestion gun in the holster.)

how to reduce the incidence of problems during day-to-day use and admin ?



   use tracker issues ? rank by rating ?

up-to-date FAQ



how to improve people's experiences at zwiki.org ?

how to improve the reliability of zwiki.org and the tracker ?:

   find a solution for disk space & memory problems
   redirect uptime messages to a folder I read
   set an uptime monitor that is a tracker query
   set an uptime monitor that is a zcatalog search
   set an uptime monitor that is a standard_error_message search ?
   be more conservative with uploading/testing new code

real recentchanges

recent posters, active posters

recent bug trackers, active bug trackers

subscriptions overview

page rating

recently rated pages, top rated pages

more useful minimal by default

simpler subscription & user options

page colour coding

visual sketch of zwiki.org organization and principal neighbours


handle wikimail subjects better ?

display archived discussions better ?

how to improve developers' experiences ?

clear overview of project content, goals, structure, policies

clarify developer & contributor list/pages

separate developer discussion page ?

developer documentation