ZwikiTips -- To learn about how to include tips like ZwikiTips, visit ZWiki:ZwikiTipsDiscussion

AllPages -- This page is an alphabetical list of all the pages in the wiki. An alternative to the contents hierarchy.

FreeformLinks -- WikiLinking?? is nifty, but putting brackets around links allow for standard case, spaces and punctuation.

Partial URLs?? -- The wiki will jump to the nearest page name of a partial page name in the Url. Great for when you can't quite remember the name of the page your looking for. For example, [site ur]?/fron should redirect to FrontPage. For more information see: FuzzyURLs??

Displaying Plain Text -- The endorsed way to display plain text is to: Make sure every line of the plain text has at least 1 character indented, then insert it after a paragraph followed with a double colon and then a line break. HTML pre tags also work, but you cannot have a double space and formatting charcters (,*,_) may get applied.

Definition Style paragraphs -- To display and indented paragraph preceded by a left justified phrase (like this tip!), separate the phrase and paragraph with a double dash.

Printer Friendly view -- to view a page in ultra-minimal, printer friendly format append a /print to the URL. Note: You may need to install the helper DTML print method in your wiki.

Notes -- To ensure your change gets noticed in RecentChanges? and other historical views, include a subject or note in the form box alongside the text input box.

Plurals -- Avoid making page names plural. It's easier to add a plural to the wiki link using brackets or a reverse apostrophe than competing pages with the same subject name.

Drive-By Gardening -- Although perdiodic focused Wiki Gardening is needed for any work in process, please take a 20 second moment to correct a hierarchy, fix a typo in text or formatting, remove experimental scribble, or jot a comment into the appropriate document.

Add a Tip -- After figuring out a new way to do something (or /the/ way to get the wiki to do what you intended) share it with others in the discussion area or write it up as a WikiTip??!

Propose a feature -- Think something might help the wiki experience? Communicate it! A bit of research, prototype (from UI to minimal working code), to sponsorship may lead to a collaborative improvement.

Reporting a bug -- The contents of the page displayed during the crash is very helpful to the developers. View the source of the page, cut and paste what looks like error information (traceback sections) then post it with your experience note as plain text. For more information see ReportingAnError??.

External Editing -- Many Zwiki sites and user operating systems support the External Editor tool for editing zwiki pages in a local text editor. Visit the ExternalEditor page for more information.

Typing Tabs -- The tab key is a setback to editing text in a browser.

Extra spaces -- If you need extra spaces surround the text with apostrophes or use the escape seq Uence for a non-breaking space: &alt;nbsp; .

Adding tables -- StructuredText and reStructuredText both have table support, the latter is harder than the former. Most folks prefer plain old, well placed, table tags to StructuredText tables.. See AddingTables?? for more information.

A capitalization -- Avoid capitalizing the word a in WikiLink?s. In general avoid using articles "a","an" and "the". For example: Use AddingTables?? before AddingaTable??. (This one needs help! I really don't know WikiLinking?? best practices for verb vs. noun phrases, etc.)

Soliciting Comments -- If you would specifically like comments and feedback on a page, add a section at the bottom with a bold heading of Comments or Discussion. Placing double lines between your document and comments is another wiki norm.

Receive page updates via email -- By subscribing to a page you can be notified by email of new comments, or page edits. (Note: Your mileage may very as this is a site specific setting.)

Configure headings -- By clicking on full,simple,or minimal heading views you can control how much detail you would like to view.

Set your UserOptions? -- Please set your UserOptions? so others know who is editing a page, the times are adjusted appropriately, and all configured page management options are available.

Seek common forums -- If your tempted to make a comment and looking for a somewhat timely response consider posting it to a Discussion page and when in doubt the GeneralDiscussion page.

Udell's Grade School CMS Lessons: -- 1. Neatness counts 2. Share with others 3. No hitting.

Adding Search Helpers -- Place a keywords line on your page to help get an important page noticed by Search tools.

Adding Navigation Helpers -- Place a See Also: line with links to similar topic pages.

Finding Lost Pages -- Visit the RecyleBin?? page to see all pages which haven't been manually removed from the recycle_bin folder after deleting.

Diff is not History -- The change history of a Zwiki is similar to the Undo history of a word processor. It's removed upon a Zope database pack. Don't count on it like you might a version control system. If a diff view exists to a page you need to revert to, contact your system administrator (ASAP: Before a pack) to attempt to leverage Zope's transactional database "undo" feature.

SubWiki's -- Through Zope Zwiki has the ability to contain an entire wiki within a wiki. This is useful if your content topic is outgrowing the current wiki and to be related but within its own space.

AccessKeys -- The major functions of a Zwiki page have been linked to browser access keys. Depending on your browser, your mileage may vary. See AccessKeys for more details.

HTML Links -- if you type into your Wikipage it is automatically converted to a link: , so there is no need for any '<a href="..."' or else in a Wikipage.

My Bookmarks -- If you click UserOptions? (at the bottom of the page) you can add you "most used" Pages on the Wiki. If you now create a Page in the Wiki with your Name in CamelCase? like JohnDoe and add this page to the UserOptions? "Bookmarks" you get a page for your bookmarks that is accessible from every wiki page.

Adjusting Text size -- Have a scroll mouse? Many scenarios support changing the text size by holding down the Control key while moving the scroll wheel to change text size. For Mozilla/Firebird you need to configure this in preferences.

Log out of basic authentication -- You logged in as manager, now you want to log out and go back to using your usual zwiki username cookie - but there's no logout option ? Visit a url to which even manager doesn't have access, and click Cancel (not ESCape?). Eg if you have a page where noone is allowed to comment, visit PAGE/comment.

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