ZwikiTips is my (DeanG) effort at kicking off ways to communicate user tips, faqs, etc. to the user through the wiki.

Random Tip:

 | <dtml-let quotes="_.string.split(ZwikiTips.raw,'\n\n')">                                                   |
 | <dtml-var "wikilink(stxToHtml(applyLineEscapesIn(quotes[_.whrandom.randint(1,_.len(quotes)-1)])))">        |
 | </dtml-let>                                                                                                |

Today's Tip: (implement the above but select number within # of tips range based on todays date.)

not implemented

(With the above we may be able to remove ZwikiTipsDisplay)

This collection is to be used as a tip-of-the-day type of tool. The primary audience are wiki users, not administrators. These tips should include things from common oversights, ways to do things, feature focus, etiquette and faqs. Please note when your adding one that requires modification due to site configurations and guidelines. These are helpful and should be included as starting points for administrator customization.

Usage: An administrator will copy this list (ZwikiTips) to their local wiki, thoroughly edit it in light of that wiki's environment, then add the ZwikiTipsDisplay code to a visible portion of there site (FrontPage?) for the users to reference.

Format of each tip: Tip Title dash-dash Tip. (I think a numbering system should be added, just not sure how to go about it! PurpleNumbers type of thing...)

Please edit and append to these tips with wiki vigor!

  1. Collection & Editing.
    • I've started the list at WikiTips?
    • It's greatly in need of all types of editing
    • It's far from complete. It's needs more of everything, especially...
      • Zwiki feature summaries.
      • Wiki etiquite
    • Figure out how to number (as in id) and include the number tips
  2. Deployment
    • Find and post that dtml from the first days of AnnoyingQuote that displayed a random paragraph from a ZwikiPage?. (The random part is the hard part, along with skipping the explanation paragraph.) - ZwikiTipsDisplay
    • Consider a UI consisting more than a page title link and the tip.
    • Consdier adding "Another", "Previous" and "Next" links.
  3. Documentation
    • An administrator guide to deployment
    • Details on how to highlight content features of a wiki

First addition! --DeanGoodmanson, 2003/06/07 22:03 GMT
Thanks for the addition, Arno!

(new) --Simon Michael, 2003/06/09 09:52 GMT
Nice one Dean. Will these work in place of AnnoyingQuote ? How will we avoid overlap with other docs pages ? Should tips be kept short ?

applause --ArnoPucher, 2003/06/09 12:44 GMT
a really neat idea - especially for first time wiki users :)

feedback --DeanGoodmanson, 2003/06/09 14:17 GMT

> Will these work in place of AnnoyingQuote?

I was imagining it to be a page inclusion similar to the ones you have on FrontPage, and on the FrontPage, or similar activity summary, daily visit page.

> How will we avoid overlap?

By keeping them short. There will be overlap, as they may consist of the summary of a feature, more fully documented somewhere else.

> Should these be kept short?

Probably. 1-3 sentences. Any more is documentation which would really create an overlap problem..

BTW, I found the fortune cookie code over at AnnoyingQuoteDiscussion. And Thanks, Arno.

Arno's raw URL example is one where we might use as a discussion point:
I felt like adding "make sure not to add whitespace (and not punctiation) after the URL", and "URL's in brackets work too!". The first seemed wordy although covered a gotcha I've seen only a few times, which is easly wiki-fixable, the second seemed counter-productive.

ZwikiTipsDisplay WIP --DeanGoodmanson, 2003/06/10 03:10 GMT
Arrg. Seems I have some odd behavior tonight. DTML is broken, but that's par for me. STX is not displaying code example. Completely baffled here.