The current ZwikiProblems pages have some strengths and some weaknesses. Is it worth emulating some of SiteTracker?'s nice features with zwiki pages ? With MetaPublisher? ? With ZCatalog ? Or might there be some neat ways to integrate with it ? This page is here to find out.

Here is the original: . (that's a working db, don't mess it up). Features discussed over on SiteTracker?.

Some random options:

  1. wait for zope 2.4 support, install SiteTracker? here, use as-is. Link from ST issues to wiki pages & from wiki pages to ST issues or searches if desired.
  2. build a quick workalike with MetaPublisher? + ZCatalog
  3. tie in zwiki pages to the above via a custom MP field type. Each issue (MP entry) has an associated wiki page, searchable along with other fields
  4. represent issues with zwiki pages, with extra fields stored either in-page or as properties. Build summary/list/add views out of zwiki pages, dtml etc using ZCatalog or brute-force searching. Build as a separate wiki or within the existing one.
Adding issues -
You'd probably want an AddIssue? form which would clone IssuePrototype? to make IssueNo000?1ATestIssue, #2 another issue etc. You might be tempted to bend the WikiName rules again so as to permit just Issue0001, Issue0002. You might consider even squashing a subject in there - Issue0001ICantLogin, Issue0002ZwikiWontInstallOnPalmOs. Or use brackets of course.
Viewing & editing issues -
Here's where we need those flexible page views. For now Issue pages could either include their custom fields as embedded text, or include some standard dtml to display and edit appropriate page properties, or have a new page type & render method.
Listing & searching -

Next you'd build a catalog indexing every detail of these pages. Then you'd start with a general search page (ListIssues?) and a summary front page.

Or, you might consider the more catchy names: SubmitBug?, Bug0001, ListBugs?, BugList?, BugSummary?, BugTracker?, BugDb?..

It's coming together. The UI may be less than crystal clear for people not steeped in zwiki logic ?

I hid the footer on AddIssue? - it seemed worth doing to make that page clearer.

Other good idea sources:

Just now this follows SiteTracker? quite closely. Peter I hope you'll consider it the sincerest form of flattery.