This page is a list of the features lacking‡ in Zwiki.

This will be used to help focus future efforts.

‡ Missing or under-performing functionality.

See Also: ZwikiStrengths


Title, Short Description,

  * Why it doesn't work like or have some functionality.


Historical Edit Tracking

  • Zwiki's history is an outgrowth of the Zope Object Database transactional database. It provides Undo functionality, but not comprehensive history.


  • Zwiki does not support SisterSite? functionality

Edit Locking

  • Edit protection is done through change notification and ExternalEditor lock notification at save time, not a database driven POST system (which is annoying it it's own special way).


  • Zwiki does not support TWiki style plug-ins.


  • Zwiki is not WikiPedia -insert favorite feature here-


  • Zwiki does not support sub-namespaces within a wiki similar to those with a '/'page prefix automation.

Problems with HTML markup

  • Comments will be messed up it HTML is used
  • Search engines will show redundant HTML markup