This page notes enhancements & other functional changes to ZWikiWeb?, most recent at the top. See also: ZwikiProblemsResolved?, ZWikiChanges?, RecentChanges?

confusing - combine with ZWikiChanges? ?

zwikiweb has an easier url -
editform no longer requires rows & cols values
backlinks, editform now use minimal_footer if defined
packed this site's database, re-enabled ZCatalog updating, removed the Size field from RecentChangesZC? & AllPagesZC? which should give a speedup.
fixed the title url of Edit pages so that backlinks will work after clicking it
reverted to BruteForce? versions of backlinks, recent changes etc. until I can track down the ZCatalog syncing problem
Testing new TextFormattingRules which should be more useful - please report any ZwikiProblems
ZwikiAndZCatalog now
proposed: see RemoteWikiURL
made BackLinks alphabetically-sorted
added Delete Me, Rename Me pages
ZWikiWeb? has moved to
RemoteWikiLinks changed as per InterWiki
RemoteWikiLinks implemented
ZWiki 0.3 installed - features described on ZWikiChanges? are available
as a stopgap, made new wiki pages blank so they stand out in RecentChanges?
restored anonymous "view management screens" access so zopesters can check out my scary dtml methods

Why not add a simple logo in standard_wiki_header linked to FrontPage? --TresSeaver

No no no that would be much too easy :) I will when I find one. --SM

I broke jump to <blank> last night, fixed. --SM

Wow.. I am sooo slick I amaze myself. Check out JumpTo?. It seems a bit slow though ? This jump functionality is embedded at the top of SearchPage?, improvements welcome.


added a global timestamp on the front page --SM

I'm gonna try to see if this is html-quoted correctly hehehe....if it is then its trés cool!!!! -- just as i guessed -- Its not ;^)...

maybe add a <textarea><dtml-var varname html-quote></textarea> in the code so that adding an &amp; will let it stay to be edited as &amp; and not be translated as & the next time you edit it?...

By god it "just works" - thank you! You find yourself in the zwiki hall of fame.. :) --SM

Tricky, tricky.. the title of a backlinks page, formerly broken, is now a link to the front page. Ie: click the page title twice to get back to the front page. I was missing the old front page link. This one is useful enough if pages are coming up reasonably fast.

I notice it makes me more aware of backlinks.

Am I slowing things down by complicating the dtml ? I don't want to do that. --SM

And now.. AnnoyingQuote. --SM

Next: SearchPage?, should be similar. --SM

Next dtml trick: can we do BackLinks ? Yes.

trying wrapped text areas.. now wrap="virtual"

Is it possible to move this textarea to a separate page that you get to by hitting an "Edit This Page" link?

very much so.. it just means changing standard_wiki_footer. I'll try it later. Sometimes I like it inlined, sometimes big. I want to make this a per-user preference.

Let's try without the inlined form. Let me know if you miss it.

What I'm really liking here is how easily you can change functionality on the spot, especially if you have manage access. It becomes as wiki as editing content. --SM