On #zwiki this morning, fredden was trying to revive an old Data.fs and the wiki therein.

I, still sluggish for lack of strong breakfast tea and bracing sea air, mumbled "KeyError macros... could mean old zwiki skin templates..". This is the most common breakage when you make a big jump in Zwiki version; the usual solution is to remove or rename any zwiki skin templates from the wiki folder.

This was good advice as far as it went but we then spent some time trans-globally working through various compatibility issues with older zope, python and zwiki. It may have been better to go immediately into the wiki folder with the ZMI, delete skin templates and try viewing the wiki page again. Or again, I may have misinterpreted the original error traceback, which was incomplete (always paste the full traceback, kids! Copying it from /error_log -> raw text in your browser is often easiest.)

We didn't pinpoint the issue but fredden got back up and running by installing his previous zwiki version (0.38) along with compatible zope and python. Tomorrow hopefully he'll upgrade to at least 0.61 (which I believe yes, I will release as 1.0 just to make it easier to talk about).

Anyway; in the process I did find some errors in the Zwiki/Zope dependencies at http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/VersionsMatrix , which is useful; and generally cleaned up that page. Use it to know what runs with what when you have to deal with older zope/python/zwiki/plone versions.