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Bracketed links on the FrontPage become double links. The outer link points to a named anchor on FrontPage, and the inner link is the correct one. For example [link] on my FrontPage becomes <a href="#link"><a href="http://myhost/wiki/link">link</a></a>. This happened only after I exported the wiki folder and imported the .zexp file back to the original place. I run Zope 2.4.1 compiled from sources with ZWiki-0.9.4.tgz on Linux.

OK, new stupid question. I'm using 0.9.5. I Add a new Wiki Web, and select zwikidotorg style. It makes a folder for me (let's call it wikinew). Inside that is a bunch of starter pages, plus a subfolder named structured. Am I supposed to put my real content pages inside the subfolder (if I want a structured view)? If I always want a structured view, could/should I cut/paste the methods from the subfolder up into wikinew, and then I won't have that extra layer in the URL? --BillSeitz Oct10'01.

Oy. I just made another new wiki web, and it didn't have the structured subfolder. I seem to have a quantum computer on my hands...

The sample wikis don't ship with any "structured" folder.. I hope --SM

Simon Michael <>, Sat, 10 Nov 2001 14:03:09 -0800 (via mail):
Simon Michael <> writes:
> If I remember correctly stx's use of [] (footnote links) is completely
> overridden by zwiki's use of [] (create wiki links).
> Other ways to do intra-document links.. well "http:#anchor" seems to
> work but I'm not sure if that's useful.

Simon Michael <> writes:
> "Jos Yule" <> writes:
> > Ya, that's what i thought. That bit from the help file should be
>> removed then... Thanks again jos
> Oh, what bit ? Can you do it ? :)

"Jos Yule" <> writes:
> I can take it out of your site, but it needs to come out of the
> built-in sites in the distribution too (so other folks don't think
> they can do it). It's in the StructuredTextRules? doc, near the
> bottom...