Hi anonymous users of this wiki!

Wiki makes it easy to create new content.

Unfortuately many users forget to delete their tests, and so others need to garden the wiki from time to time. One of the ZwikiContributors has marked your page "PleaseAddContentOrDelete" because he or she thought the page wasn't usefull for the wiki.

You're invited to create new content on this wiki, please read the HelpPage and the FAQ. If you don't plan to create content delete the page, by using the Delete-button at the bottom, or by writing "DeleteMe" as the first line of your document. That will move your page to the RecycleBin?.

If you don't create additional content or delete your page, one of the ZwikiContributors might remove your page in future (after about a month).

If you have any questions about Zwiki or the ZwikiGardeningPolicy?, feel free to post a message at the GeneralDiscussion. The ZwikiGardeningPolicy? allows ZwikiContributors to remove WikiVandalismDiscussion.

See also: ZwikiGardeningPolicy?, HelpPage, GeneralDiscussion

Please add a link to this page which shows all pages carrying this badge, or just include that on this page.

merge as PleaseUpdateExplainOrDelete? ? --SimonMichael, Mon, 18 Aug 2003 03:03:55 +0000 reply

(with PleaseExplainPurposeOfThisPage)