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-<h2>New funding goals</h2>
<h2>Funding goals</h2>

How to turn the knobs up to 10!

Do you want to help ensure a faster, more reliable, more informative zwiki.org (, zopewiki.org, planet.squeak.org, etc.) ? Would you like to see the sluggish pace of Zwiki development accelerate ? Has your organization benefitted from Zwiki ? Do you like what SimonMichael has been doing ?

I still have a strong vision for where I'd like this software to go. Among other things, it aims to be a simple, trustworthy PeoplesDocumentationTool? - something that empowers communities of all kinds to gather, understand and act on good information. Zwiki for zope 2 can be a lot better - or perhaps we'll do it over again for zope 3.

More coordination and support for developers, administrators and users is needed. A lot of people have ideas and talent that should be unleashed in a runaway train of creativity. (Here are the ZwikiContributors if you wish to sponsor one of them.)

I'd like to be able to spend real, quality time on all this. If you like what's going on here and are in a position to vote with some cash, I think I can do some things you'll like.

Some ideas:

  • engage me for Zwiki support, coaching, development (also: Zope, Plone, webmastering, linux sysadmin..). See http://joyful.com . There is usually a special discount for Zwiki supporters, depending on the type of work.
  • subscribe to the Zwiki Development Fund. You can cancel at any time.


  • educate, thrill, amuse me with a new or used book.. here's my amazon wishlist .
  • make a GoldOffer somewhere on this wiki, towards some feature or solution that you'd like to encourage. It can be open to all, directed to a specific person, added to a group fund, whatever you like. It's simply a lightweight, honour based pledge system.

Your help in making good free software for people all over the world is appreciated. Finally: Zwiki is a gift and a labour of love. Whether or not you directly contributed time, code or money, whoever you are, please enjoy the software.


Funding goals

Click here to lend your support to: Make Zwiki easily installable in Plone again and make a donation at www.pledgie.com ! Make Zwiki easily installable in Plone again